Occupy Wall Street is Becoming Less Visible…and More Powerful

More news stories have been coming out about citizens organizing and protesting various issues. This is occurring while major media outlets are falsely calling the death of Occupy as final. Protesters recently interrupted the shareholders’ meeting for Bank of America (LINK); the financial subcommittee, headed by Representative Ron Paul, is examining proposals to limit the Federal Reserve’s power or abolish it altogether (LINK); Greece has entered into a barter economy in certain parts of the country (LINK); and protesters in various countries are protesting Monsanto and it genetically modified seeds.

For a time, hope seemed lost on America and its people, but these actions show a prosperous chance where the system in which the underclasses were fooled into believing can be shifted, changed, or stopped.

Adbusters, a Canadian-based, anti-consumerism magazine, is credited with setting the September 17 date where people would occupy Wall Street with tents and a unified voice. The camp-in was set back by much negative media coverage. Rapes, drugs, racist messages, and the like became the news of the day by media outlets controlled by the large corporations which Occupy was protesting against. Anyone born into the information age could find independent news sites and blogs which showed the other side of the story. Police brutality, sabotage by corporate plants, and legislative oppression made the case for Occupy stronger for those that knew the truth.

The people who make up occupy are not superstars or saints. They are a representation of America, a mash-up of different ideas, ethnicities, and personalities. This could be seen as a downfall for the movement. However, these differences have led to Occupy’s increased power over corporate power. The Occupy movement has become organized through diversification. Capitalism’s most powerful tool has become a part of the Occupy movement.

Different Occupy committees seem to have formed around ideas following the corruption of politics; the national food and agriculture system; corporate corruption; illegal foreclosures; and fractional reserve lending. The protests even follow individual organizations like Bank of America, Monsanto, and the Federal Reserve.

Some people have the misconception that Occupy Wall Street is about bringing communism or socialism to capitalism, but if you look at the facts, the movement is about bringing capitalism back to America and its people. Government bailouts of major industries and subsidies for oil and agriculture is socialism. Forcing companies to compete for consumers by becoming better and cheaper is capitalism. Some people who believe in the system are being called “sheep”. I’m still looking for a more offensive word to use that will make people look at their own actions and realize that there is a better way to living.

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Occupy The Cause

Occupy The Cause

#OWS is still a disorganized situation so I thought that if they had one driving point that tied all the causes together then it might help. This is it: Reform election laws that will put a cap on campaign expenditures. Make a cap amount that can be funded through campaign money from anywhere, including a grant or loan for people with no income, so that candidates may only spend just enough money that allows them to

1) make their voting record more widely available,

2) create a plan for foreign & domestic policy, and

3) make limited commercials and announcements.

The cap could be any amount, but it has to limit this stupid garbage on the air waves now. It’s so easy to tell you that “I want to make America great again,” but not tell you how or tell you without standing next to a public voting record.

It’s obvious that Gingrich has not known a hard day’s work for a long enough time that he thinks nothing of regularly spending money on jewelry that is worth more than the average annual wage of most Americans. This is just his personal life choices, by the way. His professional life shows that he worked as an independent consultant for one of the failing financial NGOs that helped perpetuate the financial bubble that led to the crash we find ourselves in today. He also nearly lost his bid for re-election for passing bad checks from the congressional bank account.

His other hypocrisies are listed on this site:


We know that each candidate involved in the upcoming elections is a part of the system in one way or another. Herman Cain, who tries to play the part of the outsider of Washington, used to work for a regional branch of the Federal Reserve and was president of the National Restaurant Association. This trade organization boasts some the largest fast food franchises in the world and acts as a lobbying channel to reach legislators who can game the system for a kickback in one way or another. I really do not care about his sexual activity except that it was behind his wife’s back. It shows a deceptive personality. Trying to get some is not a crime and he made a mistake talking to the wrong women. Take the subtle private room suggestions to a bar and it would be fine. He probably would have scored some bar skank ass.

The political process was explained to me very realistically in a subtly sweet way by Peter Nehr (R-FL), a representative in the Florida state house in 2008. Representative Nehr said that laws must be supported by other congressmen to be able to go to vote and pass for ratification. He went on to explain that if he wanted a bill supported, he would have to support a bill of another congressmen. I don’t remember him saying that he would never sacrifice his principles or act unethically.

This is not a condemnation of Nehr’s behavior or character, but it is a point to be made that ethics aren’t something to be mentioned, but that is definitely not because it is a piece of assumed political criteria.

The crimes of congressmen is being dragged out in the mainstream media now with congressional members Bachus and Pelosi being questioned on their financial deals made before the financial collapse of 2008. Legally, these were not crimes, but that is only because these lawmakers said that their own actions were not crimes. Writing that sentence just made me feel stupider, but I think it’s an important part of the paragraph.

To get back to my original point, we need election reform that will force candidates to stand by their past decisions, formulate actual concrete plans, prevent the unlimited dirty cash from special interests entering into elections, and put a stop to the cowardly commercials that are put forth by men who may not be called men and women who are a disgrace to their gender.

This all leads me to a final point; we need to run our communities. We need to run for political offices; we need to start businesses that can create jobs and influence citizens; we need to take power away from this system and create a new co-existing system. We can do it through capitalist means with real competition where failure is a freedom and getting bailed out is a charitable action made by friends and family, not an obligation forced upon us by criminals who wouldn’t stop their shopping days at Tiffany’s to help out the college students, factory workers, and farmers that are the gears that turn the economic machine.

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TAMPA- Six Protesters Arrested for Assembling





If we do not publish these stories and these actions taken by the police and government then we will, as free citizens, be oppressed further until we are willing to fight again. Resist oppression now before it is too strong to fight against.

TAMPA- Six Protesters Arrested for Assembling.

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The Renewable Community

I entered a submission to the Creative Loafing 10-100-1000 Contest a few months back. This is the article with a link at the bottom. There will be more articles to come soon. Tim.

Creating a Renewable Community

By: Tim Lofgren
Free Pinellas

For the 10-100-1000 contest, I decided to submit my idea for a renewable community model. The following is my idea submission with some elaboration.

I believe that a multi-pronged commercial approach to the improvement of the Tampa Bay Area would offer many outlets for improving the community both economically and socially while creating jobs for people to support themselves and their families.

These businesses will be individually unique, but connected to the community through their customers, employees, and raw materials sources. A general breakdown would have commercial, political, and social extensions. However, since $1000 would be a relatively small capital investment, I will only go into detail about the first part of the project.

Agriculture operations that encourage locally grown food can cut down on freight miles of trucks and trains and also help industrial production of renewable energy and other needed materials like fabrics, soaps, oils, and construction materials. The production of this agricultural business will be sold through farmers markets, local restaurants, the construction industry, the transportation industry including auto repair garages, and will include any other businesses that may benefit. The agricultural production process will be handled, at first, through a single business distribution hub. Eventually, other growers may become a part of the process by selling their products through the main hub or as an extension of the original hub which may include secondary buyers who use the products to produce end line consumer products.

This business will have need of people skilled in an area that is relatively easy to learn and will also spur employment of local landscapers who may be having trouble with work. This arrangement with landscapers would require a slight shift in current business models since many landscapers dump their yard waste and usually specialize in ornamental plants.

This community-supported enterprise model has the potential to lower local demand on petroleum products by exploring alternative energy production options like ethanol, biological-based fuel, solar power, wind, and wave – all of which can be produced locally. Local horticulture practitioners, professional and amateur, can become self-employed business entrepreneurs by composting, growing needed products, breeding beneficial animals, or providing pest management that does not require chemical pesticides. People and businesses that are not directly involved with the agricultural process may become skilled in other needed areas like pottery, soap and candle making, or food preservation. Corporations may participate in this community growth by buying locally by branch location. Grocery stores may buy from the community hub because of the volume required. Car dealers and gas stations may offer alternative fuel options that work because of alternative fuel availability. Auto repair shops can offer engine conversions to the new fuel options.

The rest of the project would eventually include extended services such as: Local journalism, Community Outreach, Local Currency Exchange and Management, Marketing and Distribution, Political Action and Legislation Reform, Quality Control, Business Networking and Management.

For more information, visit:

Any questions or comments would be great to hear. I can be reached at freepinellas@yahoo.com.

A link to the original article can be found here:


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White House Insider On Obama: President Losing It | Newsflavor

Cool article from White House “insider” about the current state of the president’s mindset and motivation.

White House Insider On Obama: President Losing It | Newsflavor.

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Videos that moved me to share their message

This video contains topics like the new world order, falseflag terrorism theories, and corporate-control of America. These ideas are irrelevant in their accuracy and actual truthful content. The ideas that are relevant are those of a country that is democratically controlled through its people. This idea is exactly what America used to be. Now, we cannot control whether our hard earned and easily taken tax money is used to prop up banks so they can float until they have enough time to cash out.

This second video is a clip from “60 Minutes” which shows the coming collapse of the state and local budgets which Americans are dependent upon.

Entertainment is the biggest distraction in a consumer-based society.

War will the biggest distraction in a survival-based society.

We have been taught to think that there are boundaries to our existence on Earth. We must learn that our lives are not defined by the liberties that we are given, but by the ones we take.

Turn off the television. Tune into the community. Your life is not dependent how much money you have in the bank. Your life is dependent on the freedom you exercise. Stop listening to lies from corporate media and business. Start making your life into what you want without reservations.

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It’s Nice to Think that the Government Cares About its People

          So the representative republic we call America is supposed to look out for its citizens and protect most of the population from the people who would like to screw us over in the most discrete ways possible. Kashkari of the TARP Program, proved otherwise in a recent interview. I do not have the article specifics, but this article can most likely be searched for online.

[Kashkari] became a sort of punching bag for legislators during his appearances at congressional hearings [regarding TARP].

“When I went to testify, I was now one of the faces of this program. I had to do my best to explain what we were doing and why we were doing it, but I also had to represent us and show that I understood the American people’s anger, I understood how deeply unfair this crisis is,” he says. “But we had to stabilize the financial system, because if we failed, it would be the American people who bear the consequences of that.”

Oftentimes, it meant he just had to sit there and absorb their verbal lashings.

“It was an opportunity for members of Congress to vent the anger they were hearing from their constituents. And because I was a young man at 35 years old, I think they felt it was appropriate for them to take it out on me — which is fine. I sat up there, I think, in total, for 25 hours of testimony — most of which was exceedingly hostile.”

Throughout the testimony, Kashkari says, one particularly biting moment sticks in his memory.

“I remember when Congressman [Elijah] Cummings from Maryland asked me if I was a chump,” he says. “I remember just scratching my head, thinking to myself, ‘Did he really just call me a chump? Or did I just imagine that?’ “

But when the hearings were over, Kashkari says, their attitudes switched from critical to congenial in a matter of moments.

“Oftentimes afterward, when the cameras were off, they would take you into a back room and tell you that they really appreciate how hard I was working or our team was working, that they support us and our programs, and let us know if they could be helpful,” he says. “It was a 180-degree change from what they were showing in front of the camera. That obviously surprised me, but eventually I got used to it.”

          So it’s nice to think that our representatives’ anger at the TARP Program was an extension of the citizens’ anger, but the truth is that it wasn’t and politicians never will be on the citizens’ side as long as the citizens allow themselves to be separate from the politicians. In conclusion, citizens are not special, their rights are expendable, and they will never be respected. This is all true unless they change the country like they’re supposed to do.

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